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Busy life busy schedule and busy day makes people very weak. Everyday people are running after their dreams and things of being successful but on the other hand they are neglecting their health and taking stress in their mind.

“I will breath,I will think out of solutions,I will not let my work control me,I will not let my stress level break me, I will simply breath and it will be okay because i don’t quit”.

Above given quotes is very motivational and life changing. It indicates that life is very beautiful we have to take it as a beautiful lesson and free of tension and stress. Don’t let your work and desire control you because it is the main problem of people leading to depression.

Many people at young age take different kind of medicine for depression. Depression is the major problem in Nepal. Especially youngster are facing this problems. a slogan “No Suicide ” is in trend now youngster nowadays can’t handle the pain and they go to the depression and  commit suicide, some control themself and find the meaning of life.

Ways To Be Stress Free Are :

  • Dancing is the way to make the mind free.
  • Walk one hour a day
  • Sleep on time.
  • Think about the good time
  • Talk with someone
  • Try to be happy
  • Yoga
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Stop taking stress and try to be happy


We must have to take care of people who is in depression and  talk to them take care of them and make them feel that life is special and and beautiful. Depression is not a disease or mental disorder, most of the people have mis concept that depression is a mental disorder and the people having depression is insane or mad . Therefore, people having depression need love and care, we should stop treating them as people from different planet.


Health Is Wealth


When we are healthy everything is healthy. Wealth is something but health is everything, yes this is a well known fact that when we lose wealth we lose something but when we lose health everything is lost. No one in this world will care you when your health is bad, you have to take care of yourself and be healthy yourself. Therefore, “Health is wealth” we have to care our health the most.




A good health keeps us to be fit and healthy. Health is not only taken as physically fit but when people who is physically fit but mentally depressed than its is not considered as good health. For being healthy we should have to make our mind stress free and cool out of any tensions. Today, modernization has taken too much in our society people are busy and there is no time to eat healthy foods. Due to the busy schedule we neglect our health which leads us to poor health.



Nowadays due to the environment degradation pollution is all over and due to that we are having many health issues. pollution, unbalanced diet and bad habits people are facing problem in lungs, heart attack in young age, depression, blood pressure, Cancer and gastics  etc. These all are the the health problems faced by people of modern age.



Above mentioned points are just an example of unhealthy habits. If we want to be healthy than we should have to take proper diet, proper food makes you healthy,regular exercise, yoga, meditation for freshness of mind and soul etc. will help you to be healthy. There  is one proverb in english



                                    “After dinner rest a while; after supper walk a mile.”   



Which means modern technology and busy schedule has made us so lazy that we don’t even have the time to rest after our dinner and walk a mile. Walking is good for heart  it controls our heart pressure and make us healthy. Therefore, walk a mile for healthy body and healthy soul.