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What Is sleep Paralysis Know About Its Cause, Symptoms and Natural Prevention

What Is sleep Paralysis Know About Its Cause, Symptoms and Natural Prevention

Despite being mentally awake or in sleep we may sometime feel that we are unable to move our body parts is known as sleep paralysis. Itai??i??s very frightening and full of fear and may occur by hallucinations,Ai?? we feel problem in breathing some face suffocation problem, The heat rate will be lowered and we may feel that we are near to death itai??i??s all due to sleep paralysis.

What causes sleep paralysis, is it dangerous or not, who is most affected by this syndrome and how to prevent it to know all this read following.

Is sleep paralysis dangerous ?

Yes the question arise here that is sleep paralysis dangerous and the answer is no because sleep paralysis is terrifying but not dangerous. If our body is not transitioningAi?? through the stage of smooth sleep then we may feel some sensation but itai??i??s not dangerous at all.

What are the cause of sleep paralysis?

There are two types of sleep paralysis one when you sleep and another while you are waking up. If we fell it when we fall asleep it is called hypnagogic sleep paralysis. It occurs if we know that our body is relaxing and falling into sleep and feel that we are unable to move or speak. And another sleep paralysis is Hypnopompic sleep paralysis ItAi?? occurs when we are aware before Rem sleep has fully occurred. Rem sleeps means when dreams occur and when your eyes may move quickly and rest of our body and muscles are effectively turned off which means if we become aware during this time, we may not be able to move or speak. It can happen to anyone four of every ten people may experience sleep paralysis.Ai?? Any age group men and women may face the problem of sleep paralysis. If we lack of sleep and change in sleep schedule. Lack of sleep may cause the mental disorder, stress, or bipolar disorder etc and if we sleep on back then there is most chances to have sleep paralysis.


How to prevent sleep paralysis?

We can prevent sleep paralysis by following some tips given below.

  • Avoid sleeping on your back

While we sleep on our back then we are most likely to increase sleep paralysis. Therefore, doctor refer you to sleep on your side so that you will feel comfortable while you sleep.

  • Control eating habit when you go to bed Plaquenil price increase Ai??We should not eat heavy meal when we go to the bed as alcohol and having foods full of fats proteins and sugar can disturb the sleep cycle and which lead us to sleep paralysis.
  • Relax yourself

Before going to bed we should relax our mind and body. We can listen to a soothing music or read good books and remove your stress and anxiety this practice may reduce your sleep paralysis.

  • Explore yourself from electronics

Ai??Before you go to bed avoid your electronic item like mobile phones, laptop and television. Excessive use of this device may lead you to sleep paralysis.

  • Complete sleep

Human body needs total sleep and rest if we does not sleep eight hours a day than Ai??it may disturb the sleeping timetable and may lead to sleep paralysis.

How to recover our self from sleep paralysis

If we suffer from sleep paralysis frequently than apply some natural tricks to overcome from it.

  • Yoga

Yoga will make your mind fresh and free of and divert your mind into some creative things so that you will be relaxed and have a soundless sleep which also may help you to come out of sleep paralysis.


  • Different aasans

Different aasans shipping desyrel of Yoga is also one of the natural method of making mind stress less and concentrate on different exercise may also helps you to overcome from sleep paralysis.

  • Focus on breathing

If we experience sleep paralysisAi?? than we have to take long breath in and out so we will have control in our blood circulation and whole body. The panic with the feeling the pressure on our chest may bring hyperventilation and we may forgot to breath properly Ai??so we should remember to control our breathing.

  • Shout loud

We may not be able to speak in some case due to paralysis therefore, we have to focus on our throat and try to shout loud if possible. If there is your bed partner than it will be most easy or useful because they will help you to wake up fully.

At Last

Sleep paralysis is a common condition frightening yet harmless. It is the case of hallucination experienced. Which normally cause by the sleep disturbance and interruption in our sleep cycle and may if we follow the above given points. If we wiggle our toe or clench the fist it is the best way to prevent the sleep paralysis naturally.


Are You Tired Of Same Daily old Routine Of Workout

Are You Tired Of Same Daily old Routine Of Workout

Sometimes we human beings feel so lazy for work out same daily routine and same feelings of waking early tying your shoe less and start workout. But daily exercise is that which you canai??i??t avoid for maintaining fit and healthy body.

Here are some tips which will help you to boost energy and motivate you for regular exercise.

  • Listing your favorite music

Music always beautiful, Heart touching and refreshing as well as if we feel some kind of low and feel lazy music is one that help us to energies so list you favorite tunes and listen when you are being ready or driving to the gym. Music will pull up and make feel fresh.

  • Make a schedule

Everything you do if you plan and make schedule then you will be up to date and wonai??i??t be late for anything. Keeping yourself scheduled is the best option when it comes to working out. For example, if your lifestyle is changed then and you could not manage time for gym then change your gym time too. May be a promotion and long hours at office have made it too easy to talk yourself out of going after work therefore, try a week of morning exercise. Therefore, play with your time and find out what times works for you.

  • Surround yourself with Inspiring quotes or thoughts

If you feel low than surround yourself with beautiful and inspiring quotes and make your mood fresh. Itai??i??s better if you stash your notes anywhere you look often. Every time if you see the inspiring quotes around you than you will be motivated and wonai??i??t feel dizziness and laziness for exercise.

  • Work out as a gift

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If you treat your work out as a gift and self-love and self-care are popular buzzwords. Itai??i??s very hard for maintaining good health therefore exercise will up to date your work and make you maintained.


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If we talk about exercise than it will make our body flexible helps to circulate the blood and make us healthy we should not feel lazy or dizziness because health is wealth so love your health and love yourself make your body fit and fine by doing exercise, yoga or gym. You can also make a good habit like eating on time, use of natural medicine, etc.


Tired Of Belly Fat And Want To Lose It Naturally

Tired Of Belly Fat And Want To Lose It Naturally

Slim body and looking slim is the most important to everybody especially women. Slim belly is the dream of every women it adds overall beauty in womenai??i??s body. But nowadays itai??i??s very hard to maintain slim belly due to the junk food and lack of exercise. People spend lots of money for reducing belly fat ai???Liposuctionai??? is one of the method which people use nowadays. But there are many natural method for reducing belly fat which people are unaware about it and use the modern method.



Some of the natural ways to reduce belly fat are given below.

  • Yoga

Yoga always gives benefits to our body. It helps us to be fit and fine makes our body healthy and slim. It is taken as the best way to reduce belly fat or abdominal fat quickly. If you want to reduce belly fat by yoga then you will need to have some practice yoga daily before doing it by own you will have to take some training from yoga expert for some days.Ai?? Yoga will not only help you to reduce belly fat but also it will help to make your body flexible and sleek.


Exercise will also help you to lose the belly fat. Different abdominal exercise also helps in reducing belly fat. If you are not able to take any kind of trainings for this then you can just do jogging and walking. Jogging and walking are the best way to reduce belly fat.


  • Household works

If we donai??i??t depend upon the servants for household work like cleaning floor, sweeping, cleaning garden etc. such household work which include bending stretching, pulling which are good for toning abdominal muscles. Therefore, household work is the natural way of toning your body.



  • Proper diet

Proper diet is the most important thing in our life and when we eat properly in time then there will be less chances of increase in belly fat. We should follow some simple task given below

  1. Avoid junk food.
  2. Eat on time.
  3. Protein rich food should be consumed.
  4. Sweets should be avoided.
  5. Avoid non vegetarian diet as much as possible.
  6. Add green vegetables in your diet.
  7. Avoid fried food and use less oil for cooking.


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At Last

Above given points are some example of natural way of losing belly fat. If you want slim body and zero belly fat then you can apply these above mentioned methods of reducing belly fat.

Therefore, always try to adopt natural medicine or natural medicine or natural method for anything before going under knife or heavy medical treatment. Natural medicine is always good for us and always it helps us without any side effect.



Health Is Wealth


When we are healthy everything is healthy. Wealth is something but health is everything, yes this is a well known fact that when we lose wealth we lose something but when we lose health everything is lost. No one in this world will care you when your health is bad, you have to take care of yourself and be healthy yourself. Therefore, “Health is wealth” we have to care our health the most.




A good health keeps us to be fit and healthy. Health is not only taken as physically fit but when people who is physically fit but mentally depressed than its is not considered as good health. For being healthy we should have to make our mind stress free and cool out of any tensions. Today, modernization has taken too much in our society people are busy and there is no time to eat healthy foods. Due to the busy schedule we neglect our health which leads us to poor health.



Nowadays due to the environment degradation pollution is all over and due to that we are having many health issues. pollution, unbalanced diet and bad habits people are facing problem in lungs, heart attack in young age, depression, blood pressure, Cancer and gasticsAi?? etc. These all are the the health problems faced by people of modern age.



Above mentioned points are just an example of unhealthy habits. If we want to be healthy than we should have to take proper diet, proper food makes you healthy,regular exercise, yoga, meditation for freshness of mind and soul etc. will help you to be healthy. ThereAi?? is one proverb in english

Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai??


Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? purchase atorlip cv Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? “After dinner rest a while; after supper walk a mile.”Ai?? Ai??



Which means modern technology and busy schedule has made us so lazy that we don’t even have the time to rest after our dinner and walk a mile. Walking is good for heartAi?? it controls our heart pressure and make us healthy. Therefore, walk a mile for healthy body and healthy soul.



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