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Janak Bahadur Basnet

MD, Naturopathy Physician

Doctor BIO

Dr. Janak Bahadur Basnet, chairman and Senior Consultant of Wellness Hospital. He is a senior registered Naturopathy physician in Nepal. He is graduated in Yoga and Naturopathy (BNYS) from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science Banglore, India and master in Clinical Psychology from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.  He mainly specializes in Yoga, Naturopathy and lifestyle medicine.

He is presently working as founder and Medical Director at Wellness Hospital.  He is also Chairperson of Yoga and Naturopathy Doctors’ Association, Nepal. He is a subject committee member of Nepal Health Professional council and ethical review board member of Ayurveda and alternative medicine in Nepal Health Research Council He has made these institutions effective and prestigious, receiving an outstanding reputation through his innate knowledge, understanding, and expertise.

For the last one decade, he has been practicing as a Naturopathy physician at the Naturopathy Hospital in Kathmandu, as well as consulting doctor in reputed institutions such as Osho Tapoban, an International meditation and forest retreat center.

He treated successfully thousands of patients in Nepal. Dr. Basnet also worked as a faculty member of Yoga and Naturopathy at Valmiki Vidyapeeth, Nepal Sanskrit University and Central Department of Psychology, T. U. He also worked in a different Committee in the Ministry of Health, Central Government Ayurvedic Hospital, Nepal Sanskrit University, besides his active involvement in clinical settings. Now also he is a steering committee member of alternative medicine at Nepal Health Research Council. He is the author of the textbook of Yoga and Naturopathy for grades 9 & 10, developed by the curriculum development committee, Sanothimi under the Ministry of Education.