Weight Loss Packages

Our weight loss Program is among the most effective, safe and natural weight loss programs available. It is a combination of years of research and practice of ancient Yoga, Naturopathy and Ayurveda

We make the weight loss experience enjoyable through healing of the mind, body and spirit! The length of the program ranges from 10-15 days and after undergoing this program you can expect to:

  • lose weight  4 to 8 kg
  • detoxify yourself
  • gain energy and stamina
  • restore self-confidence
  • reduce stress
  • learn to adopt a healthy lifestyle


Abhayanga: This is a specialized Ayurvedic herbal massage for effective weight reduction. An herbal oil/ powder is applied all over the body and deeply massaged with specific movements for 90 minutes every day. This therapy is very effective in naturally reducing weight as it increase circulation and cellular metabolism. It also revitalizes the sense of touch, gives a good complexion to the skin, removes toxins from the body, and tones the skin & muscles.

Swedana:Excessive sweating is induces with dry sauna every day immediately following the massage. This helps to remove toxins and Khapha from body which is main cause of overweight according to Ayurveda. This treatment increase circulation, increases metabolic activities, helps to mobilize fat and removes execs fluid and salt from the body thereby plays important role in weight reduction.

Basti:Basti involves the introduction herbal decoction into the rectum.  It relieves constipation therby helps to reduce weight.This is also helps to cure many other Vata disorders such as arthritis, rheumatism, gout, muscle spasms and headaches.

Vamana:Theraputic vomiting is induces to eliminate the Kaphawhic is causing the excess mucus in body which is one of most important cause for overweight. This is a effective treatment for bronchitis, colds, cough or asthma.


Our weight loss program combines the specialized dynamic weight loss Yoga. Special series of asanasand pranayamasare given to each individual to practice every day.  Yoga practice can range from 1-2 hours per day. Mediation is highly recommended but not compulsory. Meditation strengthens your mind and helps you in keeping your resolve in losing weight.


We prepare special meals for the weight loss program guests and it is individualized to help one achieve natural and effective weight loss. Each meal preparation is supervised by our doctor .Meals are made as much as possible from organic and fresh ingredients. No meal is served more than a few minutes after being prepared.


Triphala is an ancient ayurvedic herbal product that is composed of three herbs:Amalaki, haritaki and bibhitakithat work synergistically together:

Amalaki works as a natural antioxidant and removes excess inflammation from the body. It also helps to increase lean body mass and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Haritaki supports the body’s natural cleansing process by gently removing toxins that accumulate in the colon.

Bibhitaki is particularly effective in reducing the accumulation of fat and fluids in the body.

Each one of these herbal preparations has tremendous value individually. However, when they are combined in the form of triphala, they work as an even more powerful tool to detoxify and strengthen the body, helping you to achieve your ideal weight.


The goal of our program is for you to maintain a normal healthy weight even after you return home and not just for you to lose weight while you are here. We will therefore provide a proper life style counseling and diet chart.Our program makes it easy to start making the right choices for balanced weight and health – even after you return home.The Doctor is always available by email or phone for you.