Yoga in Nepal is like a trend today. Nepali people are now concerned about there health. Yoga is believed to have originated and existed in ancient Nepal and India since the Rigvedic yogaAge (more than 5000 years ).

It is the greatest gift to the world from this region. The word yoga has its root in the Sanskrit word (yuj) which means to merge, join or unite. It is the union of the individual soul with the universal soul, eternal truth, a state of everlasting bliss. Yoga is a philosophy, a way of life, wherein art and science meet. Yoga frees one from life sorrows and from the disease and fluctuations of the mind.

Through years of introspection, practice, and dialogue, a huge knowledge was given to us by the spiritual seekers who medicated in the caves of Himalayas. The fund of knowledge that had been handed over to us by these keen researches is gaining recognition by the health scientists as a valuable tool to raise the basic human consciousness towards a harmonious lifestyle of contentment and peaceful living. Yoga aims at achieving wholesome health in the form of physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well being of a person.


 Increase flexibility mobility and range of motion.
 Optimizes health and fitness
 Induce deeper level of relaxation and release stress
 A great boon for psychosomatic illness.
Improve memory concentration and cognition.
 Optimizes body weight metabolism and vital function.