What Is sleep Paralysis Know About Its Cause, Symptoms and Natural Prevention

sleep paralysis

What Is sleep Paralysis Know About Its Cause, Symptoms and Natural Prevention


Despite being mentally awake or in sleep we may sometime feel that we are unable to move our body parts is known as sleep paralysis. It’s very frightening and full of fear and may occur by hallucinations,  we feel problem in breathing some face suffocation problem, The heat rate will be lowered and we may feel that we are near to death it’s all due to sleep paralysis.

What causes sleep paralysis, is it dangerous or not, who is most affected by this syndrome and how to prevent it to know all this read following.

Is sleep paralysis dangerous ?

Yes the question arise here that is sleep paralysis dangerous and the answer is no because sleep paralysis is terrifying but not dangerous. If our body is not transitioning  through the stage of smooth sleep then we may feel some sensation but it’s not dangerous at all.

What are the cause of sleep paralysis?

There are two types of sleep paralysis one when you sleep and another while you are waking up. If we fell it when we fall asleep it is called hypnagogic sleep paralysis. It occurs if we know that our body is relaxing and falling into sleep and feel that we are unable to move or speak. And another sleep paralysis is Hypnopompic sleep paralysis It  occurs when we are aware before Rem sleep has fully occurred. Rem sleeps means when dreams occur and when your eyes may move quickly and rest of our body and muscles are effectively turned off which means if we become aware during this time, we may not be able to move or speak. It can happen to anyone four of every ten people may experience sleep paralysis.  Any age group men and women may face the problem of sleep paralysis. If we lack of sleep and change in sleep schedule. Lack of sleep may cause the mental disorder, stress, or bipolar disorder etc and if we sleep on back then there is most chances to have sleep paralysis.


How to prevent sleep paralysis?

We can prevent sleep paralysis by following some tips given below.

  • Avoid sleeping on your back

While we sleep on our back then we are most likely to increase sleep paralysis. Therefore, doctor refer you to sleep on your side so that you will feel comfortable while you sleep.

  • Control eating habit when you go to bed We should not eat heavy meal when we go to the bed as alcohol and having foods full of fats proteins and sugar can disturb the sleep cycle and which lead us to sleep paralysis.
  • Relax yourself

Before going to bed we should relax our mind and body. We can listen to a soothing music or read good books and remove your stress and anxiety this practice may reduce your sleep paralysis.

  • Explore yourself from electronics

 Before you go to bed avoid your electronic item like mobile phones, laptop and television. Excessive use of this device may lead you to sleep paralysis.

  • Complete sleep

Human body needs total sleep and rest if we does not sleep eight hours a day than  it may disturb the sleeping timetable and may lead to sleep paralysis.

How to recover our self from sleep paralysis

If we suffer from sleep paralysis frequently than apply some natural tricks to overcome from it.

  • Yoga

Yoga will make your mind fresh and free of and divert your mind into some creative things so that you will be relaxed and have a soundless sleep which also may help you to come out of sleep paralysis.


  • Different aasans

Different aasans of Yoga is also one of the natural method of making mind stress less and concentrate on different exercise may also helps you to overcome from sleep paralysis.

  • Focus on breathing

If we experience sleep paralysis  than we have to take long breath in and out so we will have control in our blood circulation and whole body. The panic with the feeling the pressure on our chest may bring hyperventilation and we may forgot to breath properly  so we should remember to control our breathing.

  • Shout loud

We may not be able to speak in some case due to paralysis therefore, we have to focus on our throat and try to shout loud if possible. If there is your bed partner than it will be most easy or useful because they will help you to wake up fully.

At Last

Sleep paralysis is a common condition frightening yet harmless. It is the case of hallucination experienced. Which normally cause by the sleep disturbance and interruption in our sleep cycle and may if we follow the above given points. If we wiggle our toe or clench the fist it is the best way to prevent the sleep paralysis naturally.

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